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In Papi I Trust & Pitching Troubles!

I hope everyone is watching Big Papi’s Press Conference! I KNEW BIG PAPI NEVER USED STEROIDS! There were 104 people on the list & only 83 positive test results & some of the the tests could have been from the same players. I hope all you sports writers that talked smack about Ortiz apologize & then keep your mouths shut until you know the FACTS!

Sox/Yankees games usually are long but 15 Innings is a little crazy especially when it’s still 0-0 going to into the 15th!

Can we clone Beckett & maybe we should bring back Schilling. Can[‘t we pay someone to take Dice K off our hands?

I Won Youk’s Kids Essay Contest

OMG! I am so excited. When we got home today I had a phone message from NE Book Fair. I won Youk’s Kids Essay Contest for April & I get an autographed Kevin Youkilis baseball & I get a chance to win lunch with Kevin Youkilis after baseball season is over. I wrote about being a Kid Nation Captain & helping other kids & blogging about the Red Sox. Now if we can just sweep the Ya—– I can’t even type the name of that other team. YUCK!

April 15, 2008 YANKEES YUCK

Yankees Yuck

I went to the Red Sox and Yankees game on Sunday night. It was awesome. We were in the fifth row from the field. It was my first red Sox and Yankees game at Fenway EVER & it was awesome. I loved being able to boo A-Rod at Fenway instead of yelling at the television. Dice-K pitched but I was hoping Papelbon would come in because he’s my favorite pitcher. I saw Johnny Pesky at Fenway that night too. My favorite part of opening day ceremonies was when Johnny raised the World Series Flag. I will be going to Fenway Park soon for my special tour. I mailed a letter to Santa Claus asking for season tickets for Christmas. I didn’t get them but he sent my letter to the Red Sox and they wrote to me. they sent me some Fenway dirt and other cool stuff. They said I will get an “exclusive Papelbon package” and a tour of Fenway. I also get to have my picture taken with the new World Series trophy. How cool is that? And I’ve been saving my allowance so if anyone has tickets to sell cheap email me.