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Wild Knuckleballs, Catching & Prospects

Ouch. The 15-8 loss against the Rangers last night was really painful to watch. Tim Wakefield knows how to throw a knuckleball but just couldn’t keep it in the zone. I think Cash was a little sloppy too. He fumbled too many balls. If any scouts are out there reading this check out Worecester Tornado Catcher Alex Trezza. He can catch everything- knuckleballs, sliders and fast balls. He’s also a great team leader and led the CanAm League in home runs in 2007. The Sox really need to pick up Trezza. This loss hurt so much because we were so close to catching up to Tampa Bay in the AL Race but I think even if Tampa makes it to the playoffs that they’re gonna choke. The team is still pretty inexperienced.

Lose Lugo

I can’t believe how many errors Lugo has been making. I think he’s up to 12. He has really been hurting us. I feel bad for Lugo too because his performance is so bad it must be embarrassing for him. As soon as Alex Cora is off the DL he should replace Lugo.  I know Papelbon is a closer but I think if we started putting him in at the bottom of the 7th it would help us & help Papelbon. I think he’s just not getting enough playing time to be effective. His talent is being wasted. It’s always good to watch Varitek. He’s an awesome catcher and good captain.  I don’t even want to think about Dice K pitching tonight. I think he’s overpaid & way over rated. He walks way too many batters. If he didn’t have Papelbon to save his butt he would have a lot of losses instead of all wins.

And if anyone from Sox management reads this blog you really HAVE to sign catcher Alex Trezza. He led the CanAm league in home runs & is an awesome catcher and team captain. He was bought by the Worcester Tornadoes but he should really be in the majors. He’ll be the next Jason Varitek for the Red Sox if somebody gives him a shot.  GO SOX!

March 20, 2008 North Shore Spirit Exhibit at Lynn Museum

My North Shore Spirit Exhibit is at Lynn Historical Society

This is so awesome. The Lynn Museum & Historical Society was looking for collections for an exhibit about collections. i filled out an application and my North Shore Spirit Collection was selected by the judges for the exhibit. It’s on display at the Lynn museum 7 Historical Society. it looks awesome! Thanks to all my firends for going to the opening reception. Dave- thanks for the box office open sign & Bob- thanks for the Spirit flag and Kathy- thanks for everything. The exhibit will be there until the end of April. Check it out. I’m the only kid with an exhibit there. I have a lot of baseball cards from former red Sox players that are with the CanAm League nowTrezza+Matching+Jerseys.jpg

This in one of my favorite pictures. it’s me & Alex Trezza- the cute catcher from the North Shore Spirit at Fraser Field last summer. yes that is really HIS jersey I’m wearing. I can’t believe the North Shore Spirit isn’t coming back this summer.