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In Papi I Trust & Pitching Troubles!

I hope everyone is watching Big Papi’s Press Conference! I KNEW BIG PAPI NEVER USED STEROIDS! There were 104 people on the list & only 83 positive test results & some of the the tests could have been from the same players. I hope all you sports writers that talked smack about Ortiz apologize & then keep your mouths shut until you know the FACTS!

Sox/Yankees games usually are long but 15 Innings is a little crazy especially when it’s still 0-0 going to into the 15th!

Can we clone Beckett & maybe we should bring back Schilling. Can[‘t we pay someone to take Dice K off our hands?


What’s up With Manny?

I love watching Manny play- he’s fun to watch but lately I’ve been getting pretty upset with him. He acts like he’s not trying and that’s just wrong. Sometimes I wonder if he’s trying to make the Sox lose or whether he just doesn’t care. I think he’s acting like a spoiled brat and is being disrespectful to the coaches and his team members. If Iacted like that I’s lose my allowance and get grounded probably for life. I hope he straightens out because it has to be hard for the other guys on the team.

Losing to A’s & Kid Nation

Losing to the A’s was tough but I think Beckett did a great job last night mowing them down. I’m glad Varitek wasn’t seriously injured hurt he got hit in the back of the neck with the bat. The West Coast games are tough to stay up for. I’m so tired today.

 Please don’t forget to vote for me for captain of Kid Nation. My essay is the entry b4 this one.


The Red Sox just called & I’m a finalist in the Red Sox Kid Nation Captains Contest

I am so excited. I can’t believe it. The Boston Red Sox just called. I am one of 25 finalists in the Boston Red Sox Kid Nation Captains Contest! really! They called me. it said Red Sox on the caller ID. At first I couldn’t say anything. I just jumped up and down. Then I screamed so loud my Grandma said she’s almost deaf I can’t believe it. Somebody pinch me.  They only pick 12 kids to be captains so I need everybody to vote for me when the voting starts

And JON LESTER pitched a no hitter. This is the best day! Jon Lester had cancer & now he pitched a no hitter. It was only the 18th no hitter since the Red Sox started. It was awesome

Yesterday I went to the Celtics Game 7 with some people from the YMCA. It was fun being with my friends. I’m glad the Celtics won but I’m even happier the Red Sox won & I’m so EXCITED about the Kids Nation. Everyone PLEASE vote for me. I would be a good captain. Here’s my essay I wrote for the contest & my answer to the question about what I’d ask a player. I have to go to bed now because it’s past my bedtime & I’ll be up late tomorrow because it’s my play. I’m Lucy in “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.”




3-0 for 3 in a row then losing & Manny High Five & Cuddyer Catch

Man I don’t know where to start. The last few games have been painful to watch. The last 3 games in a row we were up by three runs than blew it. What is going on? Is it inuries? The bullpen or pitching? I just know one minute I’m cheering & the crying the next. Can’t wait until Schilling is back in the rotation.

I do know the 1st base ump on Wednesday night stunk. I watched replays & both our guys were safe but he called them out on first. Who knows we might have won if he made the right calls. I have to wonder if he’s blind or what. I guess it’s a good thing the 1st base ump can’t see because if he had seen Ramirez chuck his batting helmet at him Manny would have been tossed out.

Manny made an AWESOME play Wednesday night in Baltimore- he should get a Golden Glove for that play. He caught a high fly ball hit by Kevin Millar, high fived a fan in the stands and then made a double play. It was incredible. It was also pretty funny watching the guys in the bullpen watch it on TV.
Check out the video here



Mayv=be we’ll get to see Manny hit 500 this weekend at home. Man I wish I had tickets to the games.


Tuesday night the Cuddyer catch was pretty funny. If you haven’t seen it you can watch the video here. Cuddyer was pretty lucky- he botched that play when the ball jumped out his glove & I don’t think he had a clue where it went until it bounced off the brim off his hat & into his glove.




We’re On A Roll- Let’s Go Red Sox

The game last night against the Detroit Tigers was awesome! Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball, a home run by Ortiz & Manny Ramirez 497th home run. Catcher Kevin Cash did a good job too. I hope Manny hits #500 at Fenway Park & I’m there to catch it.

I’m excited about Curt Schilling starting throw the ball again. I hope he’s able to pitch before the season is over.

I’m really excited because I got a new Jonathan Papelbon picture & I’m redoing my room all Red Sox.

Sweet 12-4 Win against the Rays

The game last night was so sweet. It’s nice to be number 1 in the rankings so early in the season especially with all the injuries and illness the Sox have had. It’s great to have JD Drew & Lowell back in the line up. It was also great seeing some hot bats early in the game instead of just in the last two innings. Can’t wait until Schilling returns & lets hope Brandon Moss makes a quick recovery. I can’t believe he played as good as he did Friday night & had to have surgery on Saturday.

And Manny- well you just have to love a guy who can smile & laugh when he strikes out.

We didn’t need Papelbon last night but I have to wonder why we haven’t seen more of him the last couple of weeks- especially when we were down by a couple of points in the 7th & 8th innings. I know Papelbon is a closer but we should use him whenever we need him. I think his talent is being wasted when we lose games by 1-3 points and never put him in. It seems kind of silly to me.

One more thing MLB needs to retire Tony C’s #25 like they did Lou Gehrig’s #4