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Red Sox Kid Nation Needs YOUR HELP To Help Other Kids

I am 1 of 12 Red Sox Kid Nation Captains and we need your help with an awesome project to help other kids!



Backpack letter.htm


 Under the direction of The Red Sox Foundation and through the support of HP Hood, the 12 Red Sox Kid Nation Captains will participate in sixth grade backpack-a-thon. The Kid Nation Captains are collecting items to fill backpacks for more than 3,000 kids going into middle school and some of those backpacks will be donated to kids right here in Lynn, who need them. Hood is donating the backpacks but we need to collect the items to fill them. If you are willing to have a drive where you work or at an organization you belong to please let me know. Please consider donating any of the items listed below in any quantity. Donations are tax deductible. All donations must be received prior to Aug. 15 because on Aug. 16 we will be filling the backpacks at Fenway. Thank You Victoria Glidden Red Sox Kid Nation captain Supply List for Middle School Readiness Backpacks · 2 inch three ring binders · Tabs for 3 ring binders · Spiral Notebooks · Pens · #2 pencils · Erasers · Zip bag for pencils and pens and eraser · Yellow Highlighters · Graphing Calculators · Accessories for Binder (inserts that include plastic sheets to slide papers in, etc) · thin student assignment book and calendar (to write down homework assignments) Note: *Any number of items donated will be useful. *Consider Limits of Backpack Size (11-1/2″x15″x7″) when collecting supplies.

Let’s go Red Sox. Time to Sweep

We had a great win last night & I’m hoping for a sweep tonight. I’m so glad it’s FINALLY baseball season & I still have my Red Sox to cheer for. I’m still sad the North Shore Spirit (a CanAm League team) aren’t coming back to Lynn this year. I went to every game at Fraser Field for 5 years because tickets were cheap and it’s only 5 minutes from my house.  I also watched all the Red Sox games on TV last year- except the ones they played when I was in school. But there’s nothing like being at the ballpark 4 or 5 times a week with all my friends.I’m REALLY going to miss going to Fraser Field this summer. I knew all the players and they all knew me by name too. You could go right down to the field and get autographs b4 the game. I’ve never been able to get an autograph at a Sox game. But I still I wish I had season tickets for the Red Sox and could go to every game at Fenway. It’s so much more fun than watching it at home on TV but I can’t. I went to 3 games at Fenway this year and Grandma said that was my allowance for the whole year. I don’t understand why tickets have to be so expensive and hard to  get for the Red Sox. People should stop trying to hog  all the tickets when they go sale just so they can sell them for more money. That’s not fair to real fans. Go Red Sox!


March 20, 2008 North Shore Spirit Exhibit at Lynn Museum

My North Shore Spirit Exhibit is at Lynn Historical Society

This is so awesome. The Lynn Museum & Historical Society was looking for collections for an exhibit about collections. i filled out an application and my North Shore Spirit Collection was selected by the judges for the exhibit. It’s on display at the Lynn museum 7 Historical Society. it looks awesome! Thanks to all my firends for going to the opening reception. Dave- thanks for the box office open sign & Bob- thanks for the Spirit flag and Kathy- thanks for everything. The exhibit will be there until the end of April. Check it out. I’m the only kid with an exhibit there. I have a lot of baseball cards from former red Sox players that are with the CanAm League nowTrezza+Matching+Jerseys.jpg

This in one of my favorite pictures. it’s me & Alex Trezza- the cute catcher from the North Shore Spirit at Fraser Field last summer. yes that is really HIS jersey I’m wearing. I can’t believe the North Shore Spirit isn’t coming back this summer.