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Happy Birthday Manny & Don’t forget to vote for me

I know it’s Manny’s Birthday so I hope he hits #500 tonight! That would be awesome. I hope when Manny hits 500 the person that catches the ball gives it to him for his kids. I think that’s what I’d do with it if I caught it.  It’s been tough to keep up on the blog this week because of the West Coast games. I have to go to bed before they even start so I recorded them. I go to school and then the Y. I get home, eat dinner & do homework then watch the games I recorded until bedtime- so I haven’t had much time to blog. The games this week have been rough but hopefully we’ll do better in the series this weekend.  Go Sox.

Please don’t forget to vote for me for captain of Kid Nation. My essay is in my blog in the entry called Please Vote For Me for Captain of Red Sox Kid Nation. Be sure to read it. You can vote here.


Rain Delays? Take a book & umbrella to the ballpark

We haven’t been able to get tickets for any of the games this weekend but it looks like there might be rain delays so if you’re headed out to the ballpark I suggest you take a book along. Right now I’m reading “RED SOX RULE: Terry Francona and Boston’s Rise To Dominance.” It’s a good book. I just finished reading “The Official Baseball Hall of Fame Answer Book” and that was good too. I am also reading “Big Papi”. That book is a lot of fun.If anyone has any suggestions for other good Red Sox books let me know. I love reading about baseball.

I also like board games. My favorite is Red Sox Monopoly.