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Red Sox Kid Nation Pedroia Clinic

In Red Sox Dug Out.jpg
With Pedroia.jpgSorry I haven’t been updating my blog. I’m at the Y all say every day and watching games at night so I don’t have much time. In a few minutes I’m leaving for 2 weeks at Camp Rotary but b4 I go I had to write about the most awesome day. I GOT TO MEET DUSTIN PEDROIA TODAY! Really! The Red Sox had a clinic with Pedroia for the Kid Nation captains. It was awesome. Pedroria was so nice to us and let us ask him lots of questions. He’s shorter than i thought he would be but he smiles and laughs a lot. We got to go on the field with Dustin and got to sit in the Red Sox Dug Out. I can’t believe I got to sit where Papelbon, Tony C., Johnny Pesky and all the other Red Sox players have sat for almost 100 years. It was stupendous. The other Kid Nation Captains were really cool and it was fun meeting all the other kids. Joe Chamas works for the Red Sox and set the whole thing up for us. Joe is awesome. This is the best summer of my life. I still can’t believe I’m a Captain and getting to do all these things. I can’t wait to find out what project we’ll be doing to help other kids.  I’ll update my blog again in 2 weeks when I get back from Camp Rotary. Thanks again to everyone that voted for me.


April 21, 2008 Sat in Shonda Schilling’s Seats for Marathon Monday game

Sat in Shonda Schilling’s Seats for Marathon Monday game

Please check out my new favorite link http://www.shadefoundation.org/
This is Shonda Schilling’s (wife of Curt Schilling) SHADE Foundation to raise money for melanoma research and to teach people about skin cancer. She is doing some really great stuff. We made a donation to the SHADE Foundation & she gave us 2 of her tickets for the Sox game on the Marathon Monday. Shonda Schilling ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for the SHADE Foundation. Enjoy the pictures from the Shonda’s seat in the Home Plate Pavilion Club at Fenway Park and remember WEAR SUNSCREEN. I always do! Be sure to look at the Pink Angels link too. It’s a walk to raise money for breast cancer research. I help my friend’s mom raise money to walk.