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The Red Sox just called & I’m a finalist in the Red Sox Kid Nation Captains Contest

I am so excited. I can’t believe it. The Boston Red Sox just called. I am one of 25 finalists in the Boston Red Sox Kid Nation Captains Contest! really! They called me. it said Red Sox on the caller ID. At first I couldn’t say anything. I just jumped up and down. Then I screamed so loud my Grandma said she’s almost deaf I can’t believe it. Somebody pinch me.  They only pick 12 kids to be captains so I need everybody to vote for me when the voting starts

And JON LESTER pitched a no hitter. This is the best day! Jon Lester had cancer & now he pitched a no hitter. It was only the 18th no hitter since the Red Sox started. It was awesome

Yesterday I went to the Celtics Game 7 with some people from the YMCA. It was fun being with my friends. I’m glad the Celtics won but I’m even happier the Red Sox won & I’m so EXCITED about the Kids Nation. Everyone PLEASE vote for me. I would be a good captain. Here’s my essay I wrote for the contest & my answer to the question about what I’d ask a player. I have to go to bed now because it’s past my bedtime & I’ll be up late tomorrow because it’s my play. I’m Lucy in “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.”




Lose Lugo

I can’t believe how many errors Lugo has been making. I think he’s up to 12. He has really been hurting us. I feel bad for Lugo too because his performance is so bad it must be embarrassing for him. As soon as Alex Cora is off the DL he should replace Lugo.  I know Papelbon is a closer but I think if we started putting him in at the bottom of the 7th it would help us & help Papelbon. I think he’s just not getting enough playing time to be effective. His talent is being wasted. It’s always good to watch Varitek. He’s an awesome catcher and good captain.  I don’t even want to think about Dice K pitching tonight. I think he’s overpaid & way over rated. He walks way too many batters. If he didn’t have Papelbon to save his butt he would have a lot of losses instead of all wins.

And if anyone from Sox management reads this blog you really HAVE to sign catcher Alex Trezza. He led the CanAm league in home runs & is an awesome catcher and team captain. He was bought by the Worcester Tornadoes but he should really be in the majors. He’ll be the next Jason Varitek for the Red Sox if somebody gives him a shot.  GO SOX!