Wild Knuckleballs, Catching & Prospects

Ouch. The 15-8 loss against the Rangers last night was really painful to watch. Tim Wakefield knows how to throw a knuckleball but just couldn’t keep it in the zone. I think Cash was a little sloppy too. He fumbled too many balls. If any scouts are out there reading this check out Worecester Tornado Catcher Alex Trezza. He can catch everything- knuckleballs, sliders and fast balls. He’s also a great team leader and led the CanAm League in home runs in 2007. The Sox really need to pick up Trezza. This loss hurt so much because we were so close to catching up to Tampa Bay in the AL Race but I think even if Tampa makes it to the playoffs that they’re gonna choke. The team is still pretty inexperienced.


  1. raysfan

    Hi there! I saw your comment on my blog and I just wanted to say I love your blog! Its awesome. I love seeing all the posts on the games and seeing how they went. Feel free to comment me anytime!

  2. lanacion

    I know you are a terrific fan of Trezza. I woul really like to see him in Fenway Park but it is not so easy. Anyway, maybe we can support Alex and who knows? Thank you for your comment in my blog saying you dont forget the latin fans. I wish you learn some Spanish in the next years… 🙂
    Kisses my dear friend.

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