Let’s go Red Sox. Time to Sweep

We had a great win last night & I’m hoping for a sweep tonight. I’m so glad it’s FINALLY baseball season & I still have my Red Sox to cheer for. I’m still sad the North Shore Spirit (a CanAm League team) aren’t coming back to Lynn this year. I went to every game at Fraser Field for 5 years because tickets were cheap and it’s only 5 minutes from my house.  I also watched all the Red Sox games on TV last year- except the ones they played when I was in school. But there’s nothing like being at the ballpark 4 or 5 times a week with all my friends.I’m REALLY going to miss going to Fraser Field this summer. I knew all the players and they all knew me by name too. You could go right down to the field and get autographs b4 the game. I’ve never been able to get an autograph at a Sox game. But I still I wish I had season tickets for the Red Sox and could go to every game at Fenway. It’s so much more fun than watching it at home on TV but I can’t. I went to 3 games at Fenway this year and Grandma said that was my allowance for the whole year. I don’t understand why tickets have to be so expensive and hard to  get for the Red Sox. People should stop trying to hog  all the tickets when they go sale just so they can sell them for more money. That’s not fair to real fans. Go Red Sox!



  1. iluvctek3304

    Hey, I just found your blog today. I’m impressed by your knowledge of Red Sox history in addition to the current team. I too am young . . . I just turned 18 Monday but I started blogging here when I was 15. How old are you?

    That sucks about North Shore Spirit. I live in the south shore, so I’ve never seen them, but I live in the cape in the summer and go to a lot of Cape Cod League games when I can. There’s nothing like being at a game in person.
    See you later

    • redsoxkid

      Thanks for leaving me a note. I’m 10. I don’t play baseball or softball but I LOVE watching it. I know about the Cape League but have never seen them play. It’s a wood bat league right? Isn’t it like the NECBL?

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